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why i am running for the princeton council?

To keep Princeton an affordable, equitable, diverse, vibrant, and inclusive community, with the best schools and facilities, we need to think outside the box, to lower Property Taxes and provide a better Quality of Life for all Princetonians. I believe, serving on the Princeton council is not a part-time job, but a full-time service. If elected as your Princeton Council representative, I shall serve the Community for $1/year.

proactive & innovative, strong technical & management skills

Dedicated to Serve...Already Proactively working to solve Problems facing Princeton.... Trust Fund

To tackle many challenges facing Princeton, I bring the most experience (over 40 years) in science and technology, the strongest analytical and quantitative skills, over a decade of experience serving the municipality committees, six-years of service with the Friends of Princeton Public Library, with a dedicated service to the community.

I am the United States Space Foundation, Hall of Fame Inductee, Colorado Springs, Colorado for developing Sirius Satellite Radio Technology. 

My Ph.D. research in management of US Government programs will facilitate evidence-based policy and decision-making processes while serving for Princeton council.

I am pro-active, innovative and a problem solver.  For example, I am proposing Intelligent growth ideas for Affordable Housing using existing municipality owned  spaces, such as parking lots, etc. My solition will increase revenuess and will have slower population growth, what I call Intelligent Growth.

A Promise.....

 If elected, I will help raise $1M towards Equity, Diversity, and Unity Trust Fund over 2 years with a personal commitment of $101K. That’s a Promise. 

My Platform: anchored in Lower Taxes, Better quality of life

Lower Taxes by 5 Percent....Yes, We Can

Effective Governance and Shared Services. Affordability and Better Quality of Life

Collaborate with Princeton School Board to reduce referendum costs and thus further reduce taxpayers' burden

Affordable Housing (AH) - Intelligent Growth ......Tackle the Root Cause of the Problem....Poverty

Multiple purpose, mixed income housing using existing municipality owned and privately owned underutilized spaces by zoning changes . 

Fix the root Cause; Economic Disparity/Poverty. Equity and Diversity 

I propose that we should preserve, Butler Tract, Lower Alexander, Franklin Park/Maple, Terhune/Harrison, etc. for future use. 

Collaborate with Princeton University

“A Better Gown to Town, A Better Town for Gown” Relationship

Fair and Equitable Contributions, Shared Services

Grow and Foster Local Businesses

  Streamline Permits Approval Processes, Buy Local, Improve Parking and Transportation

Promote Science and Technology, Sustainability

Economic Growth, Evidence-Based Policy and Climate Action Plan. Quiet  and  Sustainable Pricneton   

Fix the Infrastructure

Use Surplus Budget Money to fix the Infrastructure. Pay now or Pay much more Later 



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